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The battle is not yours but God's


We are part of a national as well as a world organization of women dedicated to the education of alcohol abstinence and a healthy lifestyle.


Join WCTU and become a supporter in your community and an advocate for healthy living!

Children, teens, and men are

welcome too!


Alcohol & Drugs

Find out more about the dangers of alcohol and drugs here on our website, and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



The WCTU of Southern California is one of the oldest organizations on social reform. It educates the community about the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, vaping, and other drugs.

WCTU of Southern California is also involved in contacting local and state officers in matters of temperance and abstinence of alcohol and drugs.​


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WCTU State Headquarters

551 South Kingsley Drive 

Los Angeles, CA 90020

Tel: 213-383-5702

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